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Honolulu Marathon2012

The Honolulu Marathon EXPO 2012 was held on December 5th, 2012 for 4 days at the Hawaii Convention Center and Lawson Station participated there as an exhibitor supporting the athletes.


"PONTA", Lawson Station's loyalty card mascot character, introduced Lawson Station's entry into Waikiki for the first time, and its most popular products such as "Oden" or hand made "Onigri" to visitors from all over the world. Coupons which can be exchanged for two free Onigiris were handed to the visitors stopping by Lawson Station's booth.


PONTA was excitedly snapped and he proved very popular with visitors young and old. Some visitors were keenly interested in Ponta's cute "bellybutton" and enjoyed touching and rubbing it.


Special Guest

Special Guest "PONTA"

The Coupon for two free Onigiris

The Coupon for two free Onigiris

On Saturday December 8th, the day before the Honolulu marathon, the Lawson Station Moana Surfrider store facing Kalakaua Avenue, which is one of the main routes of the event, was packed with customers buying light foods such as energy bars, bananas, and Onigiris, to be consumed right before the race got under way. Athletes were also in need of other goods to help them complete the grueling 42km course, such as cold sprays, band-aids or sun glasses,etc. From the early morning, there was a long line of customers waiting at the door-front of the Lawson Station Moana Surfrider eagerly awaiting the store to open at 6am. Onigiris in particular were in high demand and sold like hotcakes.


Lawson Station Moana Surfrider

Lawson Station Moana Surfrider


Lawson Station is proud to participate in local events in Honolulu in our on-going effort to support the local community. Lawson Station's motto is "To create happiness and harmony in our communities". This is our one goal, and we look forward to serving many our valued customers for years to come.

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